‘Don’t care’: Magda tears down COVID-deniers

After starring in a COVID-19 health campaign, Australian comedian Magda Szubanski hit back at COVID-19 deniers and spoke about the abuse she got. Recently, Szubanski appeared in a Victorian government health advertisement, for which she received an onslaught of comments criticising her weight and her role in the advertisement. Szubanski spoke to ABC about the … Read more

QLD borders to reopen to NSW ‘within weeks’

One of the leading tourism figures in the country has made a bold prediction that within weeks, Queensland’s borders will open to New South Wales. Flight Center boss Graham Turner says Annastacia Palaszczuk will be left with no other choice but to do the same or stay isolated, with the rest of the country opening … Read more

Qantas’ ‘flights to nowhere’ tickets sell out in 10 minutes

With airlines around the world landing thousands of aircraft due to the pandemic resulting in travel decline thanks to COVID-19, airline carriers are searching for other ways to try and raise revenue. From selling much-loved in-flight PJs to selling even their in-flight meals to some airlines – others have taken the next step by launching … Read more

Childcare worker, 39, passed around two-year-old in ‘child sex ring’

A child care worker from Queensland who reportedly abused a child indecently and filmed the attacks has been charged with more than 100 offences. The 39-year-old man is accused, police said in a statement on Thursday, of several counts of rape, indecent treatment and bestiality. He is also accused of manufacturing and selling content for … Read more

Elderly man mistakes slushy machine for hand sanitiser

After he mistook a slushy machine for hand sanitiser as he walked in to pay at a nearby servo, a health conscious retiree is going viral online. The sticky mistake was caught at an unnamed petrol station on security camera video, and uploaded to social media. The clip shows the well-intentioned mask-wearing man stopping for … Read more

Rapists to face surgical castration

A law has been signed by the governor of the Nigerian state of Kaduna specifying that men convicted of rape will face surgical castration, and that anyone raping a child under the age of 14 will face the death penalty. Gov. Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai said that “drastic penalties are required to help further protect children … Read more

Victoria Virus Modelling BETTER Than Expected

Victoria decreases the numbers of cases with coronavirus faster than expected. Modelling published to support the government’s reopening roadmap had projected that on Thursday the state would have a 14-day case average of 63. But in fact, the 14-day case average for Victoria that day was much lower, at 44.4. The 14-day case average is … Read more

Indigenous artist has won the Archibald prize

An Indigenous artist has never received any of the awards on offer in the prestigious Archibald Prize for almost a century, until now. Wongutha-Yamatji artist Thursday won the Archibald Packing Room Prize in 2020 for his self-portrait of Meyne. As determined by the Art Gallery of New South Wales employees who collect, unpack and hang … Read more