15 month-old Toddler still missing after entire family drowns

After his entire family drowned while attempting to cross from France to Britain, a toddler is feared dead.

Rasoul Iran-Nejad and Shiva Mohammad Panahi, both 35 years of age, and their two children, Anita, nine, and Armin, six years of age, both drowned late on Tuesday in stormy weather after their little fishing boat capsized.

Their remains, along with 14 other citizens, were taken out of the sea, according to the French authorities.

Some of those rescued went to cardiac arrest, including the two twins, while others suffered from hypothermia.

In a single event, the capsize is the greatest loss of life and brings the number of migrants who have lost their lives trying to cross the Channel to seven this year.

Due to violence, the Kurdish family had fled Iran and had lived in a migrant camp in France until they decided to cross.

Iran-Nejad ‘s brother Ali told the BBC that the 15-month-old baby of the pair, Artin, was still missing, but that the search was called off.

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