Roadmap for lifting Victoria lockdown to be announced

Victorians would obtain a “detailed roadmap” on Sunday’s attempt to remove lockdown restrictions, announced Prime Minister Daniel Andrews. After intensive consultations with community leaders, industry figures and labour unions, and comprehensive modelling by health experts, the blueprint is finalised. The announcement date comes after mounting pressure on the state government to explain the future post-September … Read more

Victorian Man Clocks Up 39,648 in Fines for Breaching Restrictions

A 27-year-old Victorian has clocked up 24 fines on Thursday night for violating virus limits, with police last issuing him the $1652 fine. A whopping 1531 people in the state got the $1652 fee twice, while Hallam’s worst rulebreaker is a 27-year-old who clocked up on Thursday’s 24th violation, The Sunday Herald Sun reported. Victorian … Read more

Sydney beaches inundated with crowds of beachgoers, sparking virus concerns

At Sydney ‘s famous Coogee beach, police are telling sunseekers to move on, with the local council saying warm weather has seen the place get too busy, raising fears about social distance in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. A whopping 15,000 was an unverified estimate of the tourists at Coogee Beach and surrounding parks … Read more

Police Threaten to Jail Sam Newman for Encouraging ‘Illegal’ Protest

Victoria Police is “actively investigating” Sam Newman and those responsible for organising and supporting the anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne. In response to the controversial media figure ‘s call for 250,000 people to condemn the shutdown in Melbourne, police have said they plan to make arrests of individuals that they suspect are “inciting illegal activity” in … Read more

Victorian premier won’t rule out Stage 4 lockdown extension

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has not ruled out the possibility of extending stage four COVID-19 lockout restrictions beyond the deadline of September 13. Metropolitan Melbourne residents are under lockdown restrictions for nearly a month, which include a curfew from 8 pm to 5 am unless they pursue or provide treatment or work. Residents are permitted … Read more

Boy, 5 allegedly being assaulted with wooden stick

A pair have been arrested and charged on suspected domestic abuse involving a wooden stick in the southwest of Sydney after a child was seriously injured. Emergency services were called to Cabramatta’s Chadderton St property about 9.50pm on Friday where police found the five-year-old who was sustaining serious injuries. The boy was treated by paramedics … Read more

Melbourne mum fined after cops bust five-year-old birthday party

Among the 192 people fined for violating Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions is a Melbourne woman who held a five-year – old birthday party. When they went to a house in the Latrobe area east of the state, police found 12 adults and eight children. The woman who organised the party earned a fine of $1,652. Of … Read more

Landlords must negotiate in good faith with tenants

Landlords must negotiate with tenants who have lost income due to coronavirus, in good faith. That is the New South Wales government’s message after a woman says she was left homeless because of a rental mix up. On April 15, the state government enforced a 60-day moratorium on forced evictions due to rental arrears, as … Read more

NSW coronavirus cases increase by 13 as Sydney COVID Cluster Grows

In the past 24 hours, New South Wales has reported seven new cases of coronavirus, raising the State’s total to 3851 since the pandemic started. A returning overseas traveller in hotel quarantine is one of the seven new infections, five others are related to identified cases or clusters, and another has been acquired locally with … Read more