Beer Prices Slashed To Aid COVID Recovery

The biggest breweries in Australia are calling for the federal government to boost the post-pandemic economy with cheaper beer. An excise cut or freeze for alcohol will help the COVID-decimated hospitality sector get back on its feet, Coopers, Lion and Carlton & United say. With 35 years of bi-annual rises, Australians are actually paying the … Read more

Premier Daniel Andrews’ office attacked by vandals labelling him as “tyrant”

Fresh images emerged of the moment when graffiti was stripped from his electorate office in suburban Melbourne labelling Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews a “tyrant.” Overnight, the words “tyrant,” “liar,” “scum,” “lackey” and “CCP” were scrawled in red at the Noble Park office, with workers arriving last Friday morning to find the vandalism. It’s believed “CCP” … Read more

Aussie Farmers need 26,000 workers

According to new research highlighting the effect of coronavirus border closures on farm labour, Australia’s fruit and vegetable farmers need an additional 26,000 labor to harvest their crops this summer. The study by consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) is the first to measure the worker gap in the agricultural sector, which is traditionally dependent … Read more

Calls For Dan Andrews to allow all students back to school

The Victorian government has been urged by Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to bring schoolchildren of all ages back into the classroom, saying he has heard of doctors prescribing antidepressants to children as young as 12. After senior secondary students resume on-campus learning on October 7, all primary pupils will return to school on October 12, … Read more

The optical illusion confusing thousands

Users of social media have again been divided by an optical illusion on the internet that has been making the rounds. Users arguing about whether they see a dog or a weird clown face have a seemingly harmless image posted to Twitter. The image has been posted by hundreds of people, with some seeing both … Read more

Child snatching: Man attempted to grab toddler in Melbourne

Mum terrified after a man snatched her two-year – old daughter and attempted to drag her away in broad daylight. The 32-year-old mother was riding her bike in Harkness, in the outer west of Melbourne, along Weeks Road, around 9.20 a.m. on Tuesday. She had her daughter and son with her on their bikes. The … Read more

‘Monster’ crocodile attacks TWO pet dogs at popular beach

It is feared that a crocodile suspected to have taken two dogs from a popular Queensland beach is a threat to humans. The Queensland Department of the Environment is being called upon to urgently remove the reptiles in Cairns from Palm Cove Beach, popular with swimmers and fishermen. Local resident Robert McPharl said that last … Read more

Australian singer Helen Reddy dies aged 78

At the age of 78, Australian singer Helen Reddy, who reached number 1 worldwide with hits such as I Am Woman, died in Los Angeles. Her family confirmed yesterday that she had died. Since being diagnosed with dementia, she was out of the limelight for many years. “She was a wonderful mother, grandmother and a … Read more

Scott Morrison Calls For home quarantine for returning travellers

People from some countries entering Australia should be able to quarantine at home rather than being forcibly confined in hotels, said Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Since late March, individuals entering Australia have been forced to spend two weeks at their port of entry in hotel quarantine before being allowed out into the community. But Mr. … Read more

Worldwide Covid-19 death toll surpasses 1 million

The death toll of the worldwide coronavirus has now reached one million. The grim landmark comes nine months into the worldwide pandemic. The planet is still dealing with the economic fallout from the epidemic as the death toll eclipses the one million mark. The way we conduct our everyday lives is continually evolving-from how we … Read more