CHINA: Australia becoming “poor white trash”

A Beijing mouthpiece has taken a furious swipe at Canberra calling Australians “poor white trash” and darkly threatening if we don’t play nice with China there will be “consequences.” On the front page of the Global Times, a news web site closely associated with the Chinese Communist Party, this morning reports about Australia appeared five … Read more

Venom from honeybees is found to rapidly kill aggressive and hard-to-treat breast cancer, according to new Australian research

According to potentially revolutionary new Australian study, venom from honeybees has been found to kill aggressive and hard-to-treat breast cancer cells quickly. The study also showed it was extremely effective in decreasing tumour growth in mice when the main component of the venom was combined with existing chemotherapy drugs. The research was conducted by Dr … Read more

New Zealand Criminals Kicked Out of Australia and Sent Home

A total of 30 men from New Zealand-all with criminal records-were thrown out of Australia. All the men were convicted of a number of serious criminal acts including domestic abuse against minors, assault and drug trafficking, armed robbery and stalking and intimidation. The two charter flights departed from Perth, Sydney and Brisbane on 25th and … Read more

Kmart Sells $49 Version of $300 Weighted Blanket

In the bedding field, Kmart’s new offering is going to have fans swooning, with probably the best price on the market. A brand new weighted blanket has recently been launched by the company for just $49 in a market full of choices that appear to stay at the $200-$300 mark. This week, the blanket hit … Read more

Eldery WA Man Dies in Hospital Two Weeks After Brutal Beating

An elderly man who was violently beaten outside his home in Perth two weeks ago has sadly died in hospital, WA Today reports. After the brutal attack on Sunday 16 August, Emiliano Lombardi was rushed to intensive care, where he remained until his death. He spent a week in an induced coma and had facial … Read more