A Real Man

A good man isn’t someone who treats love like a game. He doesn’t treat girls like prizes or trophies to be collected and used. He doesn’t treat girls like objects for pleasure and satisfaction. A good man is mature enough to know that a woman should be valued and treated well. A good man is … Read more

Be Careful Who You Feel Sorry For

Should people feel sorry for others? This question brings back the difference between empathy and sympathy. Sympathy is “same feeling”. If a person is feeling sorry for themselves you do not want to encourage them to be self-absorbed in self-pity. You want to “show the fly the way out of the bottle” to quote Wittgenstein. … Read more

Melbourne woman has spent $135,000 on plastic surgery

An Australian nurse who has spent $135,000 on breast augmentation and wants to recolor her eyes and shave her ribs has defended her dramatic transformation, claiming she “loves her plastic doll vibe”. Tara Jayne McConachy, a melbourne woman, has explored the world of cosmetic surgery. She had five breast improvements, nose operation, ass implants, veneers, … Read more

Pregnant Melbourne woman arrested over anti-lockdown FB post speaks out

A pregnant woman who was arrested by her alleged involvement in organising an anti-lockdown protest in her home said she had no idea she was breaking the law. Zoe-Lee Buhler, speaking to media outside her home in Ballarat, said she wanted to feel like she was “doing something” and “standing up for human rights” “I’m … Read more

Losing Respect For You

Nobody wants to admit that their partner doesn’t respect them. This terrible truth comes out in different kinds of ways, all with the common thread of not treating you how you deserve to be treated. Here are some signs this is happening to you.  THEY DON’T LISTEN TO YOU.  Listening is a significant part of … Read more

Bow hunter killed by charging elk just day after he wounded it

An elk he had shot and wounded the day before has killed a hunter in the US. Authorities claim the elk attacked the man with his antlers, and gored him in the stomach. Mark David, 66, from Oregon on the 29th of August, when he first wounded the beast, was bow hunting on private land. … Read more

Driving instructor pocketed $450 to let a student pass a test

A driving instructor from Adelaide who passed a dodgy student and pocketed $450 for doing so deserves a probation or suspended sentence, a court has heard. Masoud Rad pleaded guilty to one count of public office misconduct for passing the student that he should have obviously failed during a driving test in 2018. His lawyer … Read more