Why Western Australia wants to break off from the rest of the country

According to a new survey from the market research company Utting, one in four West Australians wants to secede from the rest of the country. The analysis demonstrated that 28 percent of the 3,500 surveyed West Australians wanted to see the state become their own country. The state’s coronavirus cases fell as WA closed its … Read more

Son ‘angry’ at being moved away from mum at dad’s funeral

A son was told to step away from his weeping mother at his dad’s funeral. Footage from Milton Keynes, posted on Facebook, showed the man being reprimanded by funeral workers. He and another mourner move to embrace the woman but, are immediately ordered to move back. The video resulted in an uproar for family support … Read more

Every WA household to receive $600 bonus

As part of the upcoming state budget, every West Australian household will get a $600 credit against their energy bills. The one-off credit will be provided on November 1 and is intended to cover the average cost of electricity for the household for approximately four months. It will support more than a million Synergy and … Read more

Parents speak out after Brisbane teen stabbed to death

As they advocate for changes to the youth justice system, the heartbroken parents of a murdered Queensland teenager have visited the site of the attack on their son. Angus Beaumont, 15, was attacked while walking home with friends in Redcliffe in March and stabbed to death. He was admitted to the hospital, but when his … Read more

Survey shows one in four want Western Australia to split from rest of country

In Western Australia, a proposal to effectively split Australia into two nations is creating a “deeply concerning” level of support, where people feel “isolated and ignored” from the rest of the country. According to polling from the market research company, Utting Research, more than one-in-four West Australians say they want the state to break away … Read more

‘My son, 6, died and my mother-in-law did THIS with the ashes’

A grieving mum has told a story of her heartbreak after her mother-in-law’s betrayal with her late son’s ashes. The mother said that her whole family had been devastated by her six-year – old son, Tom, who died of heart disease just four months ago. But when she learned that her mother-in – law had … Read more

Residents in Melbourne stunned to see coffin in hard rubbish

Residents in an affluent suburb of Melbourne were surprised to see a coffin left like hard rubbish on the driveway. On Monday night, pictures of the brown coffin left for collection on Washington Street in Toorak were shared on social media. It was among other household objects that were discarded, including a sofa, outdoor chairs, … Read more

Perth man, 44, charged with drugging and indecently assaulting 13-year-old girl

Prior to being found unconscious in Perth’s south-east, a 13-year-old girl was reportedly given illicit drugs and sexually assaulted. A 44-year-old man has been charged by child abuse squad detectives over the disturbing incident that started on September 27 at a Thornlie shopping centre. The police alleged that the man had a conversation with the … Read more