Mother has 8½ years cut from her ‘excessive’ original jail term

After a complicated legal saga, a mother who killed three of her children by purposely driving into a lake at Wyndham Vale had her initial prison term shortened. Akon Guode killed her four-year – old twins, her 16-month-old son, and, when she drove an SUV into Wyndham Vale Lake in 2015 , nearly killed her … Read more

Jacqui Lambie opposes university funding reforms

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie said the government’s controversial reform bill for university funding needs to fail as it penalises disadvantaged students unfairly. Senator Lambie declared in a scathing statement on Wednesday evening that she would not support the Jobs-Ready Graduates bill, which includes one more cross-bench vote to pass the Senate. The proposed amendments would … Read more