Victoria records another COVID case day of less than five

On Wednesday, three new cases were confirmed by the Department of Health and Human Services in the last 24 hours. There were also no further deaths, leaving the state’s death toll at 817. The 14-day rolling average for metropolitan Melbourne is now 6.2, which is a 0.2 decrease from Tuesday. The rolling average in regional … Read more

Qld dad raped girls ‘to be better wives’

Queensland ‘s father, who sexually abused his four daughters, told them to “thank him” for preparing them for marriage and to be a better wifes. The 71-year-old man, who could not be named, has been abusing his three biological children and his stepdaughter for more than two decades. On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to more … Read more

Depraved’ man had sex with pet chickens while his wife filmed it

A man from the UK was imprisoned for having sex with his pet chickens as his wife filmed it. Rehan Baig was also convicted on Monday (local time) to hold photos of child sexual exploitation at the Bradford Crown Court. In court, Judge Richard Mansell QC said that Baig ‘s actions would make people “sick … Read more

A man’s bizarre tradition of buttering his Milk Arrowroots has gone viral online

A man’s bizarre tradition of buttering his Milk Arrowroot cookies has gone viral online. Jayden Wright posted a photo of the Milk Arrowroots in the Australian Facebook Nostalgia Community, asking who else enjoyed their delicious buttered biscuits. The post soon became viral, with more than 470 comments and 1700 reactions, commenting that it brought back … Read more

Sydney Man charged with murder after woman found with ‘throat cut’

A man was charged with the murder of a woman found dead in a Sydney driveway. Lynda Greenwood, 39, was discovered at 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday in South Sydney with “extensive wounds to her upper body,” the police said. Detective Superintendent Jason Box said neighbours at Cremona Road apartments in Como were trying to help, … Read more

Troubled teen boy rapes 3-week-old girl in foster care

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT A teenage boy raped a three-week-old baby girl at a foster care home where the responsible adults knew that he had sexually abused young children before, a lawsuit alleges. Video cameras set up by the Kleins’ foster parents at the foster home in Florida’s Ocala area captured the 14-year-old boy assaulting … Read more

Alarming rise in fatal shark attacks in Australia

A very familiar scene unfolded on the beach in Western Australia one morning in early October. A shark struck a surfer who was missing. Authorities sent drones to the sky for aerial surveillance, emergency workers jumped on boats to scour the area, and doctors were waiting onshore. Days of quest discovered the surfboard of Andrew … Read more

Teen almost dies after head lice shampoo catches alight on scalp

A teenager had third-degree burns on her face and her body after a lice shampoo caught fire on her head. Aleema Ali, 16 from Bradford, England, is a full-time A-level college student, but four years ago, a freak accident changed her life forever. Aleema returned home from boarding school in December 2016 and got the … Read more

Victoria on track for restrictions to be eased EARLY

On its seventh consecutive day of single-digit COVID reports, Victoria is “well placed” to probably carry in the next level of eased restrictions. On Tuesday, a new case was reported in the last 24 hours, but the Victorian Premier said that the health department was trying to decide if it was an individual who was … Read more

Buddhist volunteers Cooked and delivered 900 vegan meals to people in Melbourne

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the extended lockdown time in Victoria, many homeless people and foreign students have struggled to get through. Understanding their needs and struggles, donors and volunteers from the Quang Minh Buddhist Temple delivered free vegan meals to help alleviate their burdens. The Temple is a centre for the … Read more