Keep international border closed for ANOTHER YEAR

Last night, four foreign travellers tested positive for COVID-19 as more than 2000 individuals took advantage of the lifting of hard borders to cross into WA, said Mark McGowan this morning. The Premier said there were few delays as families split apart by border restrictions were happily reunited for eight months. There was a hotel … Read more

Woman Horrifies The Internet By Cooking Her Steak In Toaster

A social media furor was ignited by a woman’s TikTok video of her cooking a steak in a toaster. The video was posted by Juliette, with the caption “cooking steak for my boyfriend” under the handle @itsmeju1iette. In the video, she also overlaid the text, writing “how to cook a steak,” which angered the masses. … Read more

Australian mum loses 65kgs thanks to $2 Aldi hack

Aldi is best known for its budget groceries and cut-price Specialbuys, but now one of the brand’s products has been hailed as the key to losing weight. The Slim & Trim weight loss shakes have sparked headlines as people take to social media to reveal their weight loss success stories. Some dieters have reported losing … Read more

UK set to ban sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030

The Financial Times has claimed that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expects to announce next week a ban on the selling of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, five years earlier than previously expected. As part of attempts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, Britain had originally intended to ban the selling of new petrol … Read more

Donald Trump’s legal team continues the fight for Pennsylvania

  How much longer President Donald Trump continues waging battle over an election he lost remained in question Thursday as more of his advisers voiced doubt his gambit to contest the results would succeed. One person who spoke to him called him “dejected” over the ordeal. Trump himself was waffling by the hour and day … Read more

Donald Trump thrills supporters with drive-by

US President Donald Trump has pleased supporters gathered outside the White House, on the way to his Virginia golf club with a slow motorcade drive-by through downtown Washington. A week after Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential race was called, thousands of Trump loyalists converged on the capital of the nation to condemn the election outcome and … Read more

Pet Owners Who Abuse Animals to Face Prison Under New Laws

If NSW passes strict new animal cruelty legislation that will soon be presented to the State Parliament, convicted animal abusers will be barred from owning animals and possibly face six-figure penalties. Penalties for aggravated animal abuse violations would rise fivefold to draw $110,000 fines under the new legislation, with a maximum penalty of up to … Read more

Trump’s claims falling apart

A blow was struck by senior US election officials against Donald Trump ‘s accusations of widespread voter fraud, revealing “no evidence” of compromised votes had been uncovered. Members of the Coordinating Council of the Election Infrastructure Government (GCC) and the Coordinating Executive Committees of the Election Infrastructure Sector have released a joint statement refuting the … Read more