Annastacia Palaszczuk promises free pads and tampons to schools across Queensland

At the end of the month, with Queensland’s state election looming, Labor is looking to snag a few more votes by promising to give girls free sanitary products.

On Friday, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk declared that if Labor were re-elected, they would collaborate with the Share the Dignity charity to get free pads and tampons to the 120 most deprived schools.

Poverty in the nation is a major concern, with many women unable to access or afford pads and tampons. Cases of women using torn up mattresses or McDonald’s napkins during their menstrual cycle have been published by Share the Dignity.

Schools with girls ‘most in need’ of basic sanitary products will be prioritised under the pledge.

“Sanitary products aren’t luxury items – they’re a necessity,” the Premier said on Facebook.

“This will give students the dignity they deserve, and help them feel more confident and stress-free during their time at school.

“In addition, all Queensland schools will be able to access the Period Talk educational program and resources.

“Better education around menstruation will reduce stigma and help identify cycle-related physical and mental health conditions earlier.”

For the programme, all schools, including private ones, may apply.

Without the money required, the free goods will be dispensed in a vending machine.

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