Aren’t You Thankful

It’s hard to imagine life before technology. What if you had to get through a day without the internet? What about going on a road trip without Google Maps? Or getting gifts in a pinch without Amazon? That all probably sounds nearly impossible these days. But not only did we do it a few decades ago, some of us even miss those simpler times. We managed to get just as much accomplished, but we just did it a little differently.

Today’s modern conveniences are easy to take for granted, but it’s important to look back on just how far we’ve come. “There’s a great saying that if we don’t know where we come from, how can we know where we are going?” says Francine Cefola, co-author of the new book Tell It To the Future. “I am a firm believer that we learn from the past, and if we ignore things we can’t conceptualize because it seems too archaic or slow or unproductive, we miss understanding how we got to where we are today.”

In case you don’t remember life before technology took over and made everything “easier,”life was actually much BETTER!

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