Aussie parents who lost toddler in massive Beirut explosion welcome baby

A new baby has been welcomed into the world by the Australian parents of a little boy killed in a huge port blast in Beirut in August.

Isaac Oehlers, two years old, was the only Australian to die in the explosion that destroyed the capital of Lebanon on August 4.

At the time of the explosion, his mother, Sarah Copland, was already pregnant with her second child.

Today, back home with her partner Craig Oehlers in Western Australia, she’s given birth to a baby boy named Ethan.

“Welcome to the world our gorgeous Ethan,” Copland wrote on Twitter.

“During the depths of unimaginable grief over the loss of your big brother Isaac, you are the shining light that will guide us through the darkness.”

“Congratulations Sarah. What a beautiful name,” one person wrote.

“My bestie chose the same name (meaning firm, enduring, strong) for her equally special little boy born two years ago, who (has) overcome some health challenges and brings us all great joy.”

‘You are the shining light that will guide us through the darkness.’

“So happy to hear about this wonderful news,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Ethan is beautiful & special for so many reasons.

“I’ll never forget your story as it has touched me as mum & the country of my ancestry.”

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