Beer Prices Slashed To Aid COVID Recovery

The biggest breweries in Australia are calling for the federal government to boost the post-pandemic economy with cheaper beer.

An excise cut or freeze for alcohol will help the COVID-decimated hospitality sector get back on its feet, Coopers, Lion and Carlton & United say.

With 35 years of bi-annual rises, Australians are actually paying the fourth-highest beer tax in the developed world.

Peter Filipovic, Chairman of the Brewers Association of Australia, says making the beer more affordable will add more revenue to breweries, restaurants and bars.

He also claims that higher demand will increase job prospects across the board, from packaging and distribution to retail and tourism, with 85 percent of all beer sold in the nation being produced in Australia.

“As we recover from COVID-19, Australians will want to return to their favourite local,” Filipovic said.

“However, there is a risk that coronavirus will have caused permanent behaviour change meaning there is a reticence to gather in pubs and clubs.

“By cutting excise, the government has an opportunity to incentivise Australians to get out and about and support our vibrant, world-leading hospitality industry.”

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