Daniel Andrews Is Encouraging People to Stay in Victoria and Spend “Whatever They Can” Locally Instead of Interstate

In opposition to going to other states, Daniel Andrews is urging people to stay in Victoria and spend “whatever they can” on holidays in the regions of the state, should border restrictions ease.

“I think it’s logical that it will be regional Victorians into New South Wales and SA first, before metro Melbourne given the different positions,” Mr Andrews said.

On November 8, the premier anticipates a “United Victoria” that will see the separation between the regions and Melbourne abolished.

“On the 8th of November we are pretty clear we want to get rid of the 25 kilometres and get rid of the ring of steel as well,” he said.

“So if all of Victoria can be united, I don’t see why we wouldn’t be united with New South Wales to the extent that people felt the need to go there.

“I’d be encouraging people very much to stay in Victoria.”

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