Donald Trump thrills supporters with drive-by

US President Donald Trump has pleased supporters gathered outside the White House, on the way to his Virginia golf club with a slow motorcade drive-by through downtown Washington.

A week after Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential race was called, thousands of Trump loyalists converged on the capital of the nation to condemn the election outcome and wrongly say that the vote was stolen.

While a large coalition of top government and industry officials has announced that the November 3 vote and the following count have unfolded smoothly with no more than the normal minor hiccups, Trump continues with his statements and grievances.

The election was proclaimed “the most secure in American history” by officials, repudiating the efforts of Trump to discredit the contest ‘s legitimacy.

As Trump’s limousine neared and people lined both sides of the highway, the crowd cheered on Saturday.

Some stood only a few feet away from the vehicle of Trump; others displayed their excitement by running with the caravan.

They chanted “USA, USA” and “four more years”, and many carried American flags and signs showing their displeasure with the vote tally.

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