Five sentenced to death for gang raping schoolgirl, 15

In Bangladesh, five men were sentenced to hang for raping a schoolgirl-just two days after the death penalty for sex fiends was brought in.

Under the hastily drafted rule, the prisoners who gang raped a 15-year-old girl in 2012 are now going to be put to death.

A special tribunal in the northern district of Tangail, set up to deal with cases of harassment of women and children, imposed the sentence.

Prosecutor Nasim Ahmed said her boyfriend, the rape victim ‘s boyfriend, took her to the riverside where he and two friends raped her.

Two other men joined the vile assault.

Ahmed told reporters:” “All five were found guilty and have been sentenced to death.

They are the first to be sentenced to hang since the death penalty for rape was enforced earlier this week by the government.

The harshest sentence for a single sex offender was life imprisonment before the current punishment was implemented.

In days of national indignation at the video of a woman being tortured and assaulted by eight men, ministers rushed through a new law when parliament was not sitting.

Last week, after harrowing video of a group of men stripping and assaulting a woman went viral on social media, protests broke out across the country.

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