Girl, 14, gives birth in secret then puts baby in freezer to die because she is ‘too scared’ to tell parents

According to police, a scared schoolgirl who hid her pregnancy gave birth to a baby boy and then put him in her home freezer to die.

Anastasia, a 14-year-old Russian teen, said she was “too scared” to tell her parents that she was pregnant, so she put the baby in a plastic bag and froze it to death in the family garage.

Neither her family nor her teachers, The Sun reports, knew she was pregnant.

It was too late to rescue him by the time the baby was found.

Novosibirsk area official Nadezhda Boltenko told 360TV that, after hearing her cries, the girl’s mother had called an ambulance for the schoolgirl.

“She heard her moaning at night and thought her daughter was suffering from appendicitis,” Ms Boltenko said.

Since going into labour on her own, the 14-year-old teenager was actually bleeding heavily.

She wrapped the baby in a plastic bag after giving birth and placed him in the freezer in the garage.

According to reports, the child’s father is aged 16 – and he and Anastasia had broken up in the summer.

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