Husband who killed dementia-stricken wife in ‘act of desperation’ learns fate

A 92-year-old German man got a two-year suspended sentence after being found guilty of his 70-year-old wife’s manslaughter.

Before attempting to take his own life on 2 November, the man suffocated his dementia-suffering wife with a blanket when he realised he was losing the ability to care for her.

A pensioner whose name was not revealed was suffering from an extreme depression caused by the sheer burden of taking care of his 91-year-old wife, who had dementia and was unable to do much for herself.

In addition to the suspended sentence, the man would have to donate EUR 10,000 to a non-profit organisation.

The couple, who didn’t have their own children, had been married for 70 years.

The man told police that he could not bear the thought that it was becoming increasingly possible that she was going to be moved to a nursing home as he grew weaker.

The defence counsel of the elderly man came out with a declaration that the man did not kill his wife out of rage or malice, but he acted out of love and hopelessness – hoping to end their suffering.

In the courtroom, his client was quoted by the pensioner’s defence lawyer: “My wife and I were happily married for 70 years,

“We were always together as a couple. I have looked after my wife in the best possible way over the years.”

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