Keep international border closed for ANOTHER YEAR

Last night, four foreign travellers tested positive for COVID-19 as more than 2000 individuals took advantage of the lifting of hard borders to cross into WA, said Mark McGowan this morning.

The Premier said there were few delays as families split apart by border restrictions were happily reunited for eight months.

There was a hotel quarantine for three West Australians and one Queenslander who tested positive for COVID after flying in from overseas.

Mr McGowan said that despite relaxing his domestic border arrangements, WA still had a “tight regime.”

“What the test results overnight show is that international arrivals of Australians is clearly the biggest risk to the State,” Mr McGowan said.

“Making sure anyone returning from overseas is quarantined is the right way to go. It keeps us safe, it ensures we can test and protect our citizens.”

Travellers from all states except Victoria and NSW can join without having to self-isolate for 14 days under WA’s new managed border arrangements.

“The world appears to be on the cusp of a vaccine,” Mr McGowan said.

“Hopefully by the end of next year we can roll it out to all our citizens. Why don’t we wait until then before we start opening international borders.”

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