Melbourne mum fined after cops bust five-year-old birthday party

Among the 192 people fined for violating Victoria’s coronavirus restrictions is a Melbourne woman who held a five-year – old birthday party.

When they went to a house in the Latrobe area east of the state, police found 12 adults and eight children.

The woman who organised the party earned a fine of $1,652.

Of the penalties, 20 were at vehicle checkpoints for not wearing a face mask, 26 were at vehicle checkpoints and 69 were at Melbourne curfew for violations of 8 pm to 5 am.

Police also fined seven teenagers in Warrnambool, in the southwest of Victoria, throwing a house party and a Hawthorn woman found parking in St Kilda-about 10 km away.

A family from San Remo-two adults and three children-were also fined after being stopped at a checkpoint for the car.

While the driver was picking up medicine from work, he said the family had to do it together when asked why his wife and three kids wanted to attend too.

Victoria reported 114 new COVID-19 cases and an additional 11 deaths overnight-up from the 94 cases registered on Saturday.

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