Mum of one-day-old baby who died after attack by family dog shares heartbreaking tribute

A memorial to her son has been shared by the mother of a newborn baby who was fatally mauled by the Rottweiler, saying she wishes she could “turn time back.”

When he was attacked in Hamilton, New Zealand, on Sunday, while his mother was in the shower, the infant was just a day old.

The baby was rushed to the Hospital of Waikato but could not be rescued.

The young mother wrote, posting an image of herself while pregnant, “if only I could go back to this day with (you) still in my tummy,” notes the New Zealand Herald.

A picture of the infant baby asleep with his hands rolled up across his chest was also shared by the mum.

Since the tragedy, friends and relatives offered support and condolence messages.

“I have no words, my friend,” one person wrote.

“We are all trying to carry your loss for you, but I guess you won’t even feel it as the weight is so heavy.

“We love you, and we got you. Hang in there and breathe.”

One neighbour told Stuff that the animal had attempted to bury the infant after the attack.

Hamilton City Council said the animal control staff had collected the dog,
but after a criminal investigation had been completed, its fate would be decided.

“Staff collected the dog and it is now secured at the council’s animal control facility,” said Hamilton City Council animal control manager Susan Stanford.

“This is a traumatic time for all involved and our thoughts are with the families and individuals involved.”

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