I Never Would Have Thought

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. Helen Keller How can you hold tight to that feeling of hope when you are overwhelmed? Are hope and faith for the future the basis for your personal happiness? Feeling like there is no hope is one of the … Read more


Most people we know want to have a blessed family. They want a marriage made in heaven; they want their kids to love the Lord and one another; they want everyone in the family to succeed in life as they identify their particular gifts and callings and grow into their full potential in God. I … Read more

Love Yourself

Many of my favorite memories are from when I was alone. Not because I’m a solitary person, but because they represent times that brought me closer to myself, if not in the moment, then in retrospect. In fact, I’ve found that solitude produces a distinct sense of intimacy, vulnerability, and honesty. When I was a … Read more

The Quality of A Man

7 Signs You’re With the Right Person 1. Satisfaction is high for both Relationships that work out in the long-term have one important thing in common — both partners claim to experience high levels of satisfaction with the relationship. It’s working for them, boosting them up on days when they’re feeling down, and sharing in … Read more

Don’t Stress It

It can be hard to believe that good things will come your way when your hopes and dreams haven’t come to fruition just yet. But finding ways to be optimistic about your future can allow you to be positive even when life isn’t going the way you want. To be perfectly honest, there will always … Read more

Right Woman Wants

Women who have strong personalities or dominating personalities are often seen as a negative thing. Why is it that society thinks women who stand up for themselves and their beliefs are negative? Strong women are the exact opposite of negative. Strong women move pieces to complete puzzles, fill gaps, and move the world forward. Don’t … Read more

The Problem With Being Empathetic

Empaths sometimes struggle with daily life. They pick up on negative emotions from other people and actually absorb those feelings onto themselves. They feel what others are feeling in such an intense way that they struggle to live a normal, everyday life. Empaths may not even be able to distinguish which emotions are their own … Read more

Dogs Can See Sadness In Humans

Did you know you have a secret weapon? You carry it with you every day. You were born with it. Sometimes it turns red and sometimes you have to get it checked. It’s also your largest organ. It’s your skin! Skin-to-skin touch is one of the most powerful feelings on the planet. For many, there … Read more

It Costs $0.00

We all want the same basic qualities in a relationship. Respect, love, confidence, being open and growth are a few. We all want someone that makes us feel wanted and adored. Below are methods of attracting a lover that adores us.   1. Be Yourself If you want someone to love you for who you … Read more

I’ve Come To Realize

While many of us can have our own manipulative tendencies dealing with manipulative people can be tough, particularly when we are looking to get something that we want—there are certain people who simply are manipulative at their core. And when these manipulative individuals are having a negative impact on your life—it is important that you … Read more