This Sounds About Right!

January: People born in January are born to be leaders. You are independent and analytical as well as clever and creative which is the perfect combination. You stand out from the crowd and with an obvious charisma people are always happy to follow you. It is normal for you to follow a more traditional life … Read more

The Bond With Your Kids

“Having a bond with your kid is something money can’t buy.” How many times have you heard that you’re not supposed to be your child’s friend? And you’re not working to get your kids to like you. You already know that, I’m pretty sure. But what about feeling that your kids love you? That’s a … Read more

We Don’t Deserve Dogs

Unfortunately i think only dogs realize it, they experience separation anxiety and can get depressed. If you’re someone like me and adopted dogs from friends who happened to have litters who are raised together and play together it’s painfully obvious when you take one home. My big dog is a lab boxer mix and she … Read more

Marriage Is More Than a Piece of Paper❤️

“It’s just a piece of paper.” That’s the answer we sometimes hear from people when talking about marriage. Usually these people already live together or have children to each other and when asked when or if they are going to get married, they reply with that answer. They don’t really see a reason to get … Read more

If I Did Something Wrong, Communicate

Communicating effectively in a relationship is one of the most powerful ways that couples can strengthen their bond. Marriage researcher, Dr. John Gottman can often determine whether or not a relationship will eventually fall apart. A part of his analysis includes listening closely to a couple’s communication. Here are the four most dangerous types of … Read more


When it comes to mothers we always will have that connection with them coming from deep in our soul. They are the ones who suffer when you are having a bad day or if something bad happened to you. They are the ones that always start shaking in fear when you have a health issue … Read more

Dogs Just Make Your Life Happier by Being Your Best Friend

Dogs are literally a man’s best friend. I remember when my cousin’s dog died if was so hard for the family to come to accept the fact that his presence and positive energy would no longer be there. It is more traumatic than most people might imagine when you just come home and your dog … Read more

Spend Your Life With People Who Make You Laugh and Feel Loved

Life Quotes “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. … “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, … “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” … “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” … “To live is the rarest thing in … Read more

Summer Is Cancelled

Many people who still have a job, are working from home these days, no thanks to the lockdown imposed to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19). A large number of people do not have the luxury of a home office or a study. This often leads them to repurpose their dining table or kitchen bench as their … Read more

I Swear

As shelter-in-place and social distancing measures have taken hold, many grocery stores have run out of food staples like pasta, beans, and canned goods as people prepare to stay home. But nutritionists say you should not give up on all perishables: your freezer can be just as good for keeping the foods you need like … Read more