Perth ‘Pedo Hunters’ speak out after citizen’s arrest of 61-year-old

Since posing as a 14-year-old boy on the Grindr dating app, two Perth vigilantes who arrested a suspected child rapist talked exclusively to 9News about how they tricked a 61-year-old man to a park.

The Armadale couple, referred to as “Perth Pedo Hunters,” captured the whole altercation and supplied the police with video evidence.

The arrest of the civilians resulted in the man being charged with a child abuse crime, as first reported by 9News.

“The way we look at it is, if it wasn’t us it could actually be a 14-year-old person meeting that adult so, I’d rather it be us than some innocent kid,” said one of the men, who asked not to be named.
“How can someone who’s a full-grown adult, prey on someone who’s not even fully developed yet, a child?
“It’s just not right it’s downright disturbing.”

The men say they received 30 messages from adult men in Perth within five minutes of establishing the hoax profile last week, asking for sexual experiences with the fictional teenager.

Senior member of the infamous bike gang suspected of obtaining ‘child abuse material’

Most of the material is too explicit to release, but in the talk, the men twice mention that the fictional boy, who they nicknamed “Jarrod,” is underage.

“Yeah I’m 14,” Jarrod typed.
“I love young,” the man replied.
“You don’t mind I’m only 14?” Jarrod typed.
“I am kool … R U free now babe?” (sic), the man replied.
“Well I’m home alone coz mum and sister just left to go to my aunties for the day,” (sic) Jarrod typed.

Since then, he has been convicted of trying to procure a person alleged to be under the age of 16 for sexual intercourse and was denied bail.

The pair say they’re doing so to protect the community, and they’re going to continue hunting online for child abusers.

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