Police Issue $10,000 Fine To Melbourne business owner who opened store in lockdown protest

In defiance of the city’s lockdown restrictions, a Melbourne business owner has been fined $10,000 after opening his store.

On Wednesday, Victoria Police visited Harry Hutchinson’s Berwick menswear store after he decided that it was time to open his doors with “nothing left”.

On Tuesday, Hutchinson started operating his store, saying he was prepared to risk the penalty.

On Thursday, police revealed Hutchinson had been issued a $9,913 fine for his efforts.

But Hutchinson says he doesn’t want to pay.

He says he’s going to be one of the 96% of the Victorians who still have copped heavy penalties to generate the cash.

“There are thousands of (struggling businesses) and we’re all in the same boat,” Hutchinson said.

“The whole state’s held to ransom for 20 people who have this virus.

“I’m at the point where I don’t care,” he said.

Hutchinson said that if he didn’t open it, he would ask the bank to borrow more money by the end of the month.

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