Police Threaten to Jail Sam Newman for Encouraging ‘Illegal’ Protest

Victoria Police is “actively investigating” Sam Newman and those responsible for organising and supporting the anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne.

In response to the controversial media figure ‘s call for 250,000 people to condemn the shutdown in Melbourne, police have said they plan to make arrests of individuals that they suspect are “inciting illegal activity” in coming days.

“Victoria Police is actively investigating those responsible for coordinating and encouraging protest activity on Saturday,” police told 7NEWS.com.au.

“Victoria Police expects to make further arrests over coming days in respect to individuals suspected of inciting illegal activity.

“Organising and participating in this protest would be a serious and blatant breach of the Chief Health Officer’s directions and jeopardises the health of the entire community.

“Those still thinking of attending the CBD to protest can expect a swift and firm response from police.

“We have no hesitation in issuing $1,652 fines to anyone breaching Chief Health Officer directions or making arrests on the day if necessary.”

Police could arrest Newman for incitement.

Incitement is an offence by which a individual in Victoria, or elsewhere, incites people to undertake a course of action that includes commissioning an offence.

Recently, a 76-year-old male was arrested and charged with the same crime in Victoria for a protest due on Saturday September 5.

Police’s strongly worded response comes after Newman, 74, has taken to Twitter to encourage victorians to oppose Stage 4 lockdown by the state government.

“Of all the protests that we have put up with, how about 1/4 million of us gather in the CBD to take the City/State back, before EVERY previous march will have been pointless,” Newman wrote on Sunday.

“And hopefully a State day of co-ordination. Any takers. #StateofSurvival.”

“I’m not doing it for me. I don’t go out a lot – I don’t go to venues or nightclubs. I do play golf when I’m allowed to but I’m just thinking about all my friends who are in business who are much younger than me and are going stir crazy,” Newman told the Herald Sun.

“All the states in Australia are living reasonably normal lives except us here. We’re paying the penalties for the actions of a few irresponsible people and an irresponsible government.”

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