Premier Daniel Andrews’ office attacked by vandals labelling him as “tyrant”

Fresh images emerged of the moment when graffiti was stripped from his electorate office in suburban Melbourne labelling Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews a “tyrant.”

Overnight, the words “tyrant,” “liar,” “scum,” “lackey” and “CCP” were scrawled in red at the Noble Park office, with workers arriving last Friday morning to find the vandalism.

It’s believed “CCP” stands for Chinese Communist Party.

The graffiti was easily cleaned by Graffiti Eaters from the front window of the Princes Highway office, but not before a photographer shot it.

The Office of the Premier was asked if the attack had been reported to the police.

If they are investigating without information of when and what station it was reported to, police have been unable to confirm.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Premier has come under repeated attacks from graffiti vandals this year.

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