Roadmap for lifting Victoria lockdown to be announced

Victorians would obtain a “detailed roadmap” on Sunday’s attempt to remove lockdown restrictions, announced Prime Minister Daniel Andrews.

After intensive consultations with community leaders, industry figures and labour unions, and comprehensive modelling by health experts, the blueprint is finalised.

The announcement date comes after mounting pressure on the state government to explain the future post-September 13 for the Victorians, when stage four restrictions were due to end in Melbourne.

“There is an enormous amount of work going on, modelling scenarios being run through various supercomputers, there is an enormous amount of work going on and we will be in a position to be able to share that roadmap, what it will look like, its various components and phases with the community on Sunday,” Mr Andrews said.
The Premier said key principles will guide the roadmap to lighten restrictions, which would include steps such as social distancing, working from home, wearing a face mask in the workplace and PPE in dangerous conditions, promoting hygienic workplaces and ensuring that sick employees remain home.
“They are common-sense principles, but they are very important and they will have to underpin each and every one of the decisions that we will announce, and the pathway that we will share with Victorians on Sunday,” he said.
Mr Andrews said that presenting a roadmap today was “too
early” but another week would give the government a better image.
“Another week’s data is almost invaluable. I know a week feels and indeed is a long time locked at home, but it is also a very lengthy period of time when it comes to understanding what this virus is doing,” he said.
“The numbers are too high for us to open at this time. It is also very, very challenging for us today to predict with any certainty where we are going to be in a week or two weeks.”
However, extending stage four restrictions in Melbourne has not been ruled out.
“We can’t rule out settings in two weeks’ time, it is very difficult to know what those settings will be. They have to be guided by the data, the science and the very best medical advice,” he said.
“We have another week’s data, and the week’s data is very precious. It just means that our modelling and all the number crunching that goes on is never certain, but it will be a more accurate picture of the way the virus is presenting and it is a more accurate description of our enemy, and therefore, will lead to a more successful fight against it.”

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