Scott Morrison Calls For home quarantine for returning travellers

People from some countries entering Australia should be able to quarantine at home rather than being forcibly confined in hotels, said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Since late March, individuals entering Australia have been forced to spend two weeks at their port of entry in hotel quarantine before being allowed out into the community.

But Mr. Morrison said that the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC), the government’s health advisory body, was debating whether people from “safe” countries should undergo quarantine at home.

“[As] we do look to have ā€¦ our borders open up at some point to safe locations, whether it be New Zealand or parts of the Pacific, or places like South Korea or Japan, or countries that have had a much higher rate of success, then there are opportunities to look at those alternative methods.”

The Prime Minister referenced countries like Denmark, which has a list of allowed countries ā€” including Australia ā€” that dictates who is allowed to enter freely.

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