‘Significant announcements’ confirmed for Sunday

Melbourne was told the much-anticipated next steps could be similar to what was expected in Stage 3 on a day when Victoria reported its lowest COVID cases in four months.

After the new rules are revealed on Sunday, the Victorian premier says the government will be able to put them into effect” as quickly as possible.”

“I very much look forward to giving people a sense of what the coming weeks look like,” Andrews said during Friday’s press conference.

“It is fair to say that if these numbers continue then we are very well placed to be broadly in alignment with our foreshadowed Stage 3.

“We have to wait and see though.”

Metropolitan Melbourne was allowed to have freedom of movement again as the expected third phase of the roadmap.

On Sunday, Andrews will announce which of these restraints will be eased.

“We’ll make some significant announcements on Sunday. I can’t give you an insight into those today. We haven’t made those decisions yet,” he said.

“Today is a day where we can be optimistic. We can be positive. We can, all of us as Victorians, look to all that we have achieved.

“We have stayed the course. We have not let our frustration get the better of us. We have made a conscious decision to defeat this second wave.

“I’m proud of you. For everything that you’ve given and everything that you’ve made possible.”

There are debates as to whether the 5 km radius with Andrews suggesting ” “everything is on the table” would be scrapped or extended to 20 km.

Andrews indicated that the Ring of Steel will continue to separate metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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