Summer Is Cancelled

Many people who still have a job, are working from home these days, no thanks to the lockdown imposed to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19).

A large number of people do not have the luxury of a home office or a study. This often leads them to repurpose their dining table or kitchen bench as their workspace. This often comes with the risk of having too much food within arm’s length.


  • Make a routine even if you have to work or study from home
  • Avoid using dining table or kitchen bench as workspace
  • Choose fruit and vegetable over unhealthy snacks like chips and cookies

Social media and distanced social interaction by phone are buzzing with talk about people’s concern for weight gain due to overeating and a near lack of movement as “office” is now essentially, home.

Sydney-based dietitian Simran Grover suggests that creating a private workspace, even if it is a nook in your bedroom, far from the kitchen and pantry will keep off the extra kilos.

Junk food warning label

Stay away from the pantry while working from home.

“Don’t pick up that packet of chips or nuts from the pantry impulsively. If you must much while working, go for fruit and vegetables instead,” suggests Ms Grover.

She also swears by having a routine even if working or studying from home.

“Get ready, eat breakfast and start working as if you’re going to the office. Also, take regular breaks for meals, drinking water and stretching as sitting in one place and eating while working are a sure shot recipe to inviting weight and lifestyle health problems,” adds Ms Grover.

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