The worst internet-based Child sex offender in Queensland could be out in two years

Before being eligible for parole, a former ATO worker, dubbed one of the worst internet-based child sex offenders in the history of Queensland, would spend fewer than two more years behind bars.

Jason Tanira Kerr, 51, was sentenced at Brisbane District Court on Friday for eight-and-a-half years for what Judge Gary Long called “highly inappropriate conduct” for sexually abusing children.

Kerr pleaded guilty to 111 charges in court last week.

Those charges included 54 counts of using the internet to procure children under 16, 44 counts of grooming a child under 16 with the intention of exposing an indecent matter, nine counts of producing material for child exploitation, two counts of failing to comply with reporting, and one count each of possessing and supplying material of child exploitation.

A court has been told that Kerr spent five years conversing with children over Skype, telling them to commit depraved sex acts for his own pleasure.

He claimed to be a kid himself all the time, but when he talked with an undercover cop,
who posed as a 14-year-old girl, he was undone when pretending to be a boy of the same age.

“There had been involvement by you with at least 97 users, the majority being identified as teenage boys aged between 12 and 15,” Judge Long said.

“You either sent them indecent images or videos or engaged in indecent conversation or procured them to engage in a sexual act.”

Money was twice offered for videos of the sexual acts.

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