Victoria records fourth straight day of fewer than 50 COVID cases

Victoria has registered fewer than 50 new cases of coronavirus on its fourth consecutive day as a minor relaxation of restrictions prepares to come into effect.

On Sunday the state’s health department reported 41 new infections with COVID-19.

It follows daily rises of 49, 40 and 37 respectively on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In the 24-hour reporting period, another seven Victorians lost their lives to the virus before 8 pm Saturday, taking the state death toll to 723 and the national count to 810.

Melburnians will be given a “social bubble” from midnight tonight, an additional hour before curfew kicks in and an extra hour of approved exercise.

These guidelines will be in effect before they are reassessed for at least a fortnight.

If all goes according to the plan of the Department of Health and Human Service, cases will stay below 50 and on September 28 the rules can be lifted further.

“Data trumps modelling every time. Actual numbers, today’s number, not what we thought we would have today. That is much better than any assumption you can make,” The Premier said.

“This is not an academic exercise, this is live, it’s real and we have to lock in some settings and then push to achieve those targets.

“We will keep putting the data in every single day, we’ll keep running the models and we’ll see how things unfold, day on day, week on week, and we’ll use common sense.”

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